abstract #167

Abstract #167 / James Hayward / Oil on canvas over wood panel

polystyrene log sculpture

Billion / Vincent Kohler / 2007 From using a combination of polystyrene and resin, lausanne-based artist vincent kohler has developed ‘billon’–a sculpture that demonstrates an exploded view of the inner workings of a tree. sectioned into various arrangements, the composition highlights the several different cuts of lumber–including the center pith and other vertical and […]


130315 / Davidope


Sylvestre Anasse / Paintings, 2000/2010

surreal photography

@areainsta / Michael Chase on Instagram


David DiMichele / Pseudodocumentation: Hose Drawing / Lightjet print

criss-crossed conveyors

Criss-Crossed Conveyors, Ford Plant, River Rouge, 1927 / Charles Sheeler


m / Rodrigo Pecci


  David Thomas Smith / From top left: Three Mile Island Generating Station, Middletown, PA (2010-11); Las Vegas, NV (2009-10); Burj Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (2009-10) / Duratran mounted in light box Composited from thousands of digital files drawn from aerial views taken from internet satellite images, this work reflects upon the complex structures […]


Cécile Dachary and Caroline Fontaine-Riquier, 2011


老子考-生而不有 (10) [Lao-tse (chapter 10)] / 林孝彦   HAYASHI Takahiko / 2013 / Copperplate print with chine collé (etching)

found composition

Found composition, Loughborough / April, 2013 /

circadian line

Daily line drawings / Kevin Townsend/ Archival ink on cotton vellum “The line is a tendril of time, a mark, a scar, a wall–defining, defending, holding.” 


Untitled / Flüchtig hingemachte Männer


Hold, 2009 / Monica Zeringue / Graphite on clayboard

Case Study: 511 Marigny Historic Steel Window Restoration

At the southern tip of the Marigny Triangle, close to the Mississippi River, stands a three-story brick structure that once anchored the Alden Mills hosiery factory. Founded in 1891, the operation quickly grew to become one of the largest knitting mills in the South. The main “shoebox”-shaped mill building along Decatur Street, was constructed in […]

i followed ( in reply to a poem by dswoo ) by mayakonakamura


spring fever: los manantiales restuaurant, mexico city by Felix Candela

theimportanceofbeingmodernist Built in 1958, Los Manantiales restaurant is situated in Xochimilco, in the South of Mexico City. The restaurant was given the name Manantiales (meaning springs), as there is a natural water source in the town, that used to supply Mexico City with it’s drinking water. The roof, constructed using a concrete membrane, is suggestive […]

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