studioWTA sees architecture as a process of collaboration. Each project is naturally a collaborative effort among the architects in our studio, but the partnerships we develop with our clients are equally important. Architecture, for us, is an active process of communication between all parties involved. Our clients are proud of the buildings we develop, and they should  be proud—it is their work too.

StudioWTA also considers our work to be in collaboration with the surrounding context and landscape. Each project starts with research into the physical site, taking into account the community and legal limitations as well as environmental issues. Our approach requires analysis, collaboration, and mutual decisions.

StudioWTA maintains a commitment to contemporary design and is attuned to innovative green building strategies and to concerns about historical conservation.

Our projects are in Louisiana, and our employees are in Louisiana. We work closely with our clients to identify state incentive programs, including tax credits, grants, and other funding opportunities. Conscientiousness about our client’s budget is a vital tool to help us resolve challenges and is considered to be an integral part of the design process.

Photo by Zack Smith Photography