abstract #167

Abstract #167 / James Hayward / Oil on canvas over wood panel

polystyrene log sculpture

Billion / Vincent Kohler / 2007 From using a combination of polystyrene and resin, lausanne-based artist vincent kohler has developed ‘billon’–a sculpture that demonstrates an exploded view of the inner workings of a tree. sectioned into various arrangements, the composition highlights the several different cuts of lumber–including the center pith and other vertical and […]


130315 / Davidope


Sylvestre Anasse / Paintings, 2000/2010

surreal photography

@areainsta / Michael Chase on Instagram


David DiMichele / Pseudodocumentation: Hose Drawing / Lightjet print

criss-crossed conveyors

Criss-Crossed Conveyors, Ford Plant, River Rouge, 1927 / Charles Sheeler


m / Rodrigo Pecci


  David Thomas Smith / From top left: Three Mile Island Generating Station, Middletown, PA (2010-11); Las Vegas, NV (2009-10); Burj Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (2009-10) / Duratran mounted in light box Composited from thousands of digital files drawn from aerial views taken from internet satellite images, this work reflects upon the complex structures […]


Cécile Dachary and Caroline Fontaine-Riquier, 2011


老子考-生而不有 (10) [Lao-tse (chapter 10)] / 林孝彦   HAYASHI Takahiko / 2013 / Copperplate print with chine collé (etching)

circadian line

Daily line drawings / Kevin Townsend/ Archival ink on cotton vellum “The line is a tendril of time, a mark, a scar, a wall–defining, defending, holding.” 


Untitled / Flüchtig hingemachte Männer


Hold, 2009 / Monica Zeringue / Graphite on clayboard

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