5940 Magazine

5940 Magazine St.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Seven-unit, courtyard-centric new construction apartments on a historic commercial corridor
8,000 sf

Wayne Troyer FAIA

Megan Bell AIA

Kendall Winingder–Interior Design

Ross Karsen

2016 AIA New Orleans Honorable Mention

2014 AIA Louisiana Award of Merit


Jeffrey Johnston

Project Type: Housing, Interiors

The project is the outcome of two major design challenges; the clients desire to create a contemporary building capable of referencing its historic setting and maximizing the built square footage on a limited site.

The resulting building is one that blends seamlessly in scale to its surroundings, maintaining a jewel-like quality in its proportion and detailing.  A French Quarter style balcony adds depth to the elevation, part of an intentional layering that is further articulated by the monumental brick facade.  A trellis softens entry to the rear parking, helping to maintain the residential feel inherent to Magazine Street.

The need for density without sacrificing quality led to a garden apartment arrangement where the units surround and enclose a shared courtyard.  Townhouse style second floor units are accessed by exterior stairs, with private stairs within for third floor access.  A two-story volume cantilevers over the driveway, gaining square footage and natural light for the two centrally located townhouses.  The exterior siding is installed in a rain screen assembly, awnings on the South elevation diminish solar heat gains, and large windows maximize natural light usage.

The interiors of the units are intimate, with open living spaces broken only by dropped wood ceilings.  The interior finishes reflect a contemporary elegance; muted tones and natural woods that are highlighted by warm lighting. Expansive views of the treetops, master bathrooms with intricate stone work, and private exterior spaces for each unit all contribute to the quality of life offered to residents.