PJ’s Coffee Shop

Percival Stern Hall, Tulane University

New Orleans, Louisiana

A small coffee shop on the uptown campus of Tulane University, situated under the belly of a large, existing academic building.
Tulane University Campus Brew, LLC, client
952 sf

Wayne Troyer FAIA

Irene Keil

Tracie Ashe AIA

2008 AIA National Small Projects Award

2007 Gulf States Region AIA Honor Citation

2007 AIA Louisiana Award of Merit

2007 AIA New Orleans Award of Merit

The Times Picayune Metro Section, 8 June 2008

Architecture Week: 15 October 2008:

"AIA Small Projects 2008"





Neil Alexander

Project Type: Commercial

Running parallel to Freret Street, Tulane University’s Percival Stern Hall sprawls across the school’s main pedestrian walkway, and would completely cut off this artery but for a large breezeway below. The large, covered open area of 6240 square feet, with an overall height of sixteen feet, was chosen as the site of a campus coffee shop, and proved an ideal place for a small architectural installation.

Arrangement of the shop within the space was governed by utilization of the breezeway: A constant flow of pedestrians, cyclists, and wind moves along an east-west route, mainly in the southern portion of the space. This installation anchors itself between the four massive, existing columns of Percival Stern on the north side of the space. This preserves the generous thru-way, while the light materials make an elegant contrast to the imposing structure of the existing building. The physical separation of the new and old structures emphasizes the transitory nature of the architecture.

The south facade of the coffee shop is the public edge and presents itself as a full-height glass storefront curving between—but not touching—the columns, maintaining and respecting the physical element of movement that characterizes the space. Interior and exterior are connected visually, and linear staging of the shop ensures that movement within the building will emulate that of the outside. Translucent glass on the north façade provides privacy for the office and storage areas of the program.