Spa Aria

Hotel Monteleone

214 Royal Street

New Orleans, LA

Renovated reception area for a hotel spa in the French Quarter of New Orleans featuring custom designed furniture and partitions.
Hotel Monteleone + Spa Aria, client
522 sf

Wayne Troyer FAIA

Tracie Ashe AIA

Natan Diacon-Furtado

Daniel Kautz

Nancy Bowden Stewart


Sara Essex Bradley

Project Type:

This renovation to an outdated hotel spa reception area focuses on providing a light and inviting space that is comfortable for both clients and staff. The project features a custom designed reception desk along with custom shelving elements.

Two translucent floor-to-ceiling glass panels inserted in the space provide both openness and privacy, addressing a previously existing sense of discomfort between staff and clients in the reception area.

This new sense of lightness is reinforced not only through the design, but in the detailing of the space, paint color and material selections, lighting, and furniture selections as well.

Re-orienting the reception desk and replacing solid walls with translucent glass panels allows for the two conflicting experience of openness and privacy to both be present within the new reception space.

The glass panels received film featuring the feature wallpaper pattern along the back of the reception area in differing opacities, further integrating the design elements