The Julian

1581 Magazine St.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New construction mixed-use that reactivates a derelict corner and blends elegantly into its existing historic streetscape
Felicity Property Co., client
54,000 sf

Wayne Troyer FAIA

Nick Musser

Megan Bell

Joseph Peraino

Scott Crane

Ray Croft

Trenton Gauthier

Kendall Winingder, Interior Consultant

Wes Michaels, Spackman Mossip Michaels, Landscape Architects

Palmisano, Contractors

2017 AIA Louisiana Honor Award


George Long

Project Type: Housing, Mixed Use

Located in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans, this mixed-use building provides 36 apartments and 3,500sf of retail space on a vibrant pedestrian and commercial avenue while remaining appropriately scaled to the neighborhood. The building establishes a strong urban presence at a prominent intersection which was previously vacant.

The massing on the primary corner of this commercial street is clad in a highly textured, hand made Kolumba brick. The corner features retail on the ground floor with two levels of residential above and maintains a lower parapet elevation in line with surrounding buildings. The massing at the rear of the building provides four levels with parking at grade with three residential levels above to maximize the number of apartments accommodated on site.

The masonry cladding is supported at street level by exposed structural steel. This exposed steel detailing coupled with the brick pilasters convey an added sense of permanence and refinement to the building. Steel awnings at each opening relate to balconies and overhangs up and down the street.

The masonry portion of the building is bookended by smooth stucco volumes on the East and South elevations. The residential lobby is signified by a glazed curtain wall with a large suspended awning that slips between the masonry and stucco volumes to protect residents as they arrive home.