Through careful listening, open-mindedness, innovation, and communication with all stakeholders involved, our design process is highly spirited, inspirational, and progressive, resulting in a unique, one-of-a-kind project reality. Our direct experience with projects of a similar nature, intimate working relationships with our clients, and continued collaborative approach will enable us to successfully realize the needs and design vision while meeting pragmatic concerns of budget costs and schedule.

The architectural process for studioWTA’s projects entails three phases:


Our team develops concepts based on a project’s intended functionality, but also considers the emotional experience the client is searching for in experiencing the end product. Our research process looks into building techniques, legal requirements, relationships with nearby properties, historical contexts, environmental impact, and the existing spirit and aesthetics of the neighborhood or landscape. Limitations become opportunities.


Design usually begins with old-school paper sketches. We find that physical drawings best communicate intentions that elicit instantaneous feedback from clients. Once a conceptual design has reached a certain point, we move on to digital 3-D modeling. Interactive design sessions show the client how subtle manipulations can impact the entire project, from sunlight through windows, to spatial issues, to the overall aesthetic. During integrated design meetings, we bring in engineers and other necessary consultants to establish or expand expectations, determine costs, and discuss structural details.


Craft is the ultimate expression of an architectural idea. Finessing a design that has been resolved to a large degree, we look for ways to encourage the art of the structure’s details to come through. This stage involves everything from selecting materials and finishes based on how they interact aesthetically to choosing casework, trim, fixtures, and even furnishings. Craft is about piecing together construction techniques with physical expression in order to create function, durability, and beauty.


In a quest to ensure dynamic design and quality of construction, studioWTA works openly with the most qualified local consultants on any specialty needs for a given project. Whether it be roofing or waterproofing specialists, millworkers, or code consultants, it is important to work with knowledgeable sources for the best results. studioWTA is especially committed to seeking out local professionals who are connected to and aware of the locale and community in which we are designing.


Photo by Zack Smith Photography