M. Architecture, Tulane University
Joined studioWTA in 2017

Christophe comes to New Orleans from Downeast, Maine, drawn south by the city’s enriched culture, bright architecture, and the chance to attend Tulane’s School of Architecture. His first introduction to architecture came through watching and helping his father design and build their house during grade school. This was the catalyst that created his love for physical making and showed him the beauty of the craft in details. Over time this has developed into his hands-on, detail-oriented, and collaborative approach towards design.

While a student at Tulane, he pursued various digital and analog fabrication strategies–from traditional wood, plaster, and metal sculptural media, to CNC milling, 3D printing, and CNC plasma cutting. Additionally, during the fall of his junior year, he had the opportunity to study abroad in Copenhagen, where he studied architecture and Danish furniture design.

Christophe graduated from Tulane University in the spring of 2017. Upon graduation, he was awarded the American Institute of Architecture Certificate of Merit. Christophe’s thesis, inspired by his upbringing in rural Maine, utilized underused parking structures to create a community that combined housing and sustainable personal agriculture within the density of the New Orleans urban center.

When he’s not working with the team at studioWTA, he can be found designing/building/breaking/fixing furniture, cooking, or playing on a neighborhood basketball court or soccer field.