Senior Associate | Architect


M. Arch, Tulane University
B.A. Philosophy, Tulane University
Joined studioWTA in 2011

Ross, who concentrates on residential design and sustainability at studioWTA, has designed many single-family houses in the New Orleans area (including his own in Bywater). He’s also involved in the design of a number of small-scale institutional and commercial buildings. Ross’s approach to sustainability is based on the idea that it has always been an essential part of architecture. Historically, builders would use local resources, create durable detailing, and take passive energy efficiency into account in their designs; however, with the advent of electrical wiring, air conditioning, and other modern building systems, passive design principles began to be neglected. In his work at studioWTA, Ross strives to create buildings that are both self-sustaining and spatially inspiring with a preference for the practical.

Before joining studioWTA, Ross formed Thalweg Studio along with several of colleagues from the Tulane School of Architecture. In addition to entering and winning several architectural competitions, the firm designed a new residence in suburban New Orleans, a rooftop garden, and much of the graphic work for Prospect 1—the first in a series of international art biennials.

Ross’ thesis at Tulane considered redevelopment of a seven-mile stretch of abandoned commercial railway in his native Chicago.  Ross’ second major in philosophy likely contributes to his insatiable need for clearly defendable architectural strategies, rather than just intuitive expressions of aesthetic visions.

Ross also plays on and off in bands—producing original music marked by a rootsy, Americana style.

Photo by Zack Smith Photography